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letter winners

A letter winner is an award given to a senior student-athlete (G11 or G12) who has two or more years of athletics participation at the senior varsity level and who has been either a major contributor or a starter in over 50%of the games he/she has played in at the senior level. Also, said student student-athlete must have been a positive contributing member to his/her team, the athletics program and the NCC campus life during his/her time as a NAV.

2019/20 "N" Letter Winners

Ladi Aganga - Volleyball
Damisi Ayodabo - Volleyball
Femi Babatolu - Swimming
Sydney Blue - Volleyball, Basketball
Lily Empringham - Volleyball, Ultimate
Anna Lahay - Basketball, Ultimate
Billy Lee - Badminton
David Moffatt - Basketball
*Anthony Molon - Volleyball
David Osorio - Cross Country
Sebastian Schmidt - Volleyball, Ultimate
Nicole Sider - Volleyball
Qudus Sose - Cross Country
*Neil Wangler - Ultimate
Dayo Williams - Basketball
Emma Winger - Volleyball, Basketball
Angel Wong - Volleyball
Ambrose Woo - Badminton
Winson Xiao - Basketball, Badminton
Takeshi Yamaguchi - Tennis
Kenneth Yuen - Ultimate

2018/19 "N" Letter Winners

Matthew Chau - Volleyball

Neil Wangler - Basketball, Volleyball, Track

Carson Emppringham - Volleyball

Caleb Fretz - Soccer, Volleyball

Natsuki Hibi - Volleyball

Rock Laniyi - Soccer, Basketball

Faramade Odusanya - Track

Nicole Sider - Soccer

Anthony Molon - Tennis, Soccer

Daniel Cattori - Cross Country

Josiah Forde - Cross Country

Shiho Sasaki - Volleyball

Tobi Adebutu - Basketball

Samira Mohammadi Rea - Basketball

Samira Mohammadi Rea - Soccer

Levi Fokkens - Soccer

Kesiena Pius - Soccer

IG Ajagunna - Track, Soccer

Jon Mason - Ultimate

David Lai - Tennis

Josh Etigwe-Uwa - Soccer

Ambrose Woo - Soccer

Angela Wu - Tennis

2017/18 "N" Letter Winners

Gabby Studebaker - Swimming

Natsumi Sugisaki - Basketball

Ryan Ku - Basketball

DJ Behal - Basketball

Braylin Meloche - Volleyball


Jayse Zhou - Basketball

Brett Warkentin - Basketball

Mike Sutherland - Basketball

Ethan Burrison - Volleyball

Champions Benjamins - Soccer

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